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Press Release
10 August 2012

Trenching to resume in Mossel Bay

CENTURION, Gauteng – 10 August 2012 – Following last week’s announcement that Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) will be deploying a fibre infrastructure in Mossel Bay to the value of R18-million, the company has confirmed the routes that will be affected. DFA has also reaffirmed that trenching will be done with the least disruption to the community.

Superway Construction, contracted by DFA to lay the fibre, has confirmed that it will notify all affected residents, shop owners and businesses at least 24 hours before any trenching commences. To ensure absolute minimal disruption to residents, most of the trenching will be done by hand. However, when hard rock is encountered, it will have to be excavated by mechanical means such as excavator or rock breaking equipment.

The trench dimensions are 450 mm × 1000 mm and all spoil will be managed effectively to ensure least disruption to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. DFA prides itself with a strict health and safety standards and procedures that will be enforced.

The expected contract period is 59 working days. However, this could be extended due to external factors like rain delays or very likely with the encounter of large volumes of hard rock. Trenching will more than likely commence on two or three routes simultaneously, with only the distance between two manholes open at any given stage.

Residents can be assured that reinstatement of surfaces to their original state will commence immediately after backfilling and successful duct integrity tests have been done, normally a day or two after backfilling.

The following routes will be trenched:

  • Mayixhale (East): From Bill Jeffery to Louis Fourie
  • Louis Fourie (North): From Mayixhale to Essenhout
  • Essenhout (West): From Louis Fourie to Apiesdoring
  • Apiesdoring (North): From Essenhout to Melkhout
  • Melkhout (East): Apiesdoring to Schoeman
  • Schoeman (South): Melkhout to 11th Avenue
  • 11de Laan (South): Schoeman to 21st Avenue
  • 21ste Laan (South): 11th Avenue to Church
  • Church (South-East): 21st Avenue to Danie de Jager
  • Danie de Jager (South): Church to Riebeeck
  • Riebeeck (East): Danie de Jager to Bruns
  • Bruns (North): Rodgers to Andrew Joss
  • Andrew Joss (West): Bruns to High
  • High (South): Andrew Joss to Michell
  • Michell (East): High to Marsh
  • Marsh (North): Meyer to Punt
  • Meyer (West): Marsh to Bland
  • Punt (North-East): Marsh to Bland
  • Bland (North): Punt to Adam
  • Adam(West): Bland to Market
  • Market (South): Adam to Church
  • Church (East): Market to George
  • George (North): Church to Louis Fourie
  • Mossel (West): Bill Jeffery to Sinkfontein
  • Sinkfontein (North): Mossel to Stadion
  • Stadion (East): Sinkfontein to Titus
  • Titus (North): Stadion to Domingo
  • Domingo (East): Titus to Heunis
  • Heunis (South): Domingo to Oktober
  • Oktober (East): Heunis to Alhof
  • Alhof (North): Oktober to Eiland
  • Eiland (North): Alhof to Bakke
  • Bakke (North-West): Eiland to Louis Fourie
  • Bill Jeffery (South): Mayixhale to Mossel
  • Mossel (East): Bill Jeffery to Apiesdoring
  • Louis Fourie (North-East): Bakke to Garret
  • Garret (North-West): Louis Fourie to Hannes Pienaar
  • Hannes Pienaar (West): Garret to Johan Scholtz
  • Port Natal(West): Johan Schotlz to Kaap de Goede Hoop
  • Kaap de Goede Hoop (North): Port Natal to Vegkop
  • Kompanje (North): Vegkop to Tulbagh
  • Tulbagh (South): Kompanje to Louis Fourie

DFA is the premier wholesale, open-access fibre-infrastructure and -connectivity provider in South Africa. We finance, build, install, manage, and maintain a world-class fibre network to transmit metro and long-haul telecommunications traffic. We started rolling out our fibre network in 2007, and to date, we have deployed over 13,000 km of ducting infrastructure in major metros, secondary cities, and smaller towns. Our network runs with an industry-leading uptime of 99.98%. We lease our secure transmission and backbone fibre infrastructure and provide associated connectivity services to telecommunications operators, Internet service providers, media conglomerates, tertiary education institutions, municipalities, government organizations, and other businesses, large and small, on equal terms. DFA is a Level 3 B-BBEE Contributor on the ICT Sector Codes.

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