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Peregrine Metro

Dark-fibre infrastructure that gives you unrestricted connectivity between core sites, branch sites, or aggregation nodes.

Peregrine is the foundation of our dark-fibre network. Our network footprint in metro areas and smaller towns is extensive. This means that you can connect almost any site to another using the most reliable and unimpeded communications technology available today.


Peregrine lets you connect one site to another using your own transmission equipment. You can use it to construct your own nationwide communications network, and in turn put your services within reach of your customers. While Peregrine is mainly for unlimited backhaul and long-haul connectivity, you can also choose our rate-monitored service called Calypte, or provide last-mile connectivity to your customers’ sites using our short-haul unlimited dark fibre called Helios.

Data sheet

Connectivity options Core network and switching centres /
Core site to core site /
Core sites to a DFA aggregation node /
Branch site to branch site
Non-recurring charge Connection fee
Distance-based capex fee
Monthly recurring charge Minimum monthly lease /
Line-of-sight distance × 1.4 routing factor × R/metre
Discount criteria Volume (total leased kilometres)
Lease term
Lease / payment terms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, or 15 years
Fixed monthly lease payment /
Down payment with reduced fixed monthly lease payment
Fibre pairs Single /
Redundancy Optional diverse link at 50% of primary link cost, subject to feasibility
Service level Unprotected
4-hour mean time to repair
Fault monitoring Main route

Terms and conditions


  • DFA may choose to build the duct infrastructure to connect your site to our existing infrastructure. In those cases, DFA will own the duct infrastructure and will be responsible for its maintenance.
  • You may choose to build your own duct infrastructure from existing DFA infrastructure to your sites. In those cases, you will own the duct infrastructure and will be responsible for its maintenance.
  • Total leased kilometres (billing distances) include open orders and fulfilled orders.

DFA’s responsibilities

  • DFA will provide and float a maximum of 150 m of cable from the DFA handhole in the public domain into your access duct infrastructure up to your termination point in a building.
  • If DFA chooses to build the access infrastructure, DFA will be responsible for its maintenance.
  • DFA will monitor and maintain the main fibre routes over which your connectivity is provided. DFA will not monitor the access spur and the entry into a private property.
  • You will be liable for abortive costs if DFA incurs costs as a result of, among other things, your sites not being ready or you cancelling an order.

Your responsibilities

  • Build from existing DFA infrastructure to your premises will be for your account. This includes material, installation, and maintenance costs.
  • Permanent repairs on your access infrastructure are for your account. DFA can provide maintenance on infrastructure that you own at an additional agreed fee to be negotiated before any repairs.
  • You will be responsible for providing an on-site termination facility within your premises at no cost to DFA. The on-site termination facility must be in a location that can be used to terminate the DFA passive infrastructure (e.g. space for a wall-mounted termination box and associated cable conduits).


  • Discounts apply only to new orders, even if they advance you to a new discount tier.
  • Discounts at a higher tier will apply only if the total distance that you lease does not decrease below the tier threshold.
  • If you renew after the initial term, the initial term and new contract term will be combined to give you a discount for the longer contract term.


  • You must preferably order the diverse link at the same time as the primary link. DFA will bill the diverse link at 50% of the monthly recurring charge of the primary link. A minimum monthly leasing cost applies.
  • If you order the diverse link after the primary link, DFA will reset the primary link term to start on the same date as the diverse link.
  • The diverse link will be subject to the standard product feasibility rules and responsibilities.
  • You can order a diverse link between the same two sites.

Aggregation and subleasing

  • You may use a Peregrine Metro service to aggregate traffic.
  • You may not sublease Peregrine Metro dark fibre.

Terminations and cancellations

  • The terms and conditions for termination will be stipulated in the commercial agreement.
  • An early termination penalty equal to the contract value of the remainder of the term will apply.
  • DFA may waive the penalty for an early link termination if you order another link at the same or a higher contract value as that of the terminated link’s remaining contract term. The following will apply:
    • The new link must be to a connected location.
    • The terminated link will be billed until the new link is built and signed off.
    • The new link will have its own full contract term and will be subject to the standard service rules.

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