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Business Broadband

Business Broadband uses end-to-end fibre connectivity based on GPON technology to deliver a cost-effective Layer 2 service between your end customer and your interconnection point. The service is available at approximately 22,000 connected buildings and 25,000 near-net buildings that are within 8m of our network.

  • End-to-end pure fibre Layer 2 connectivity from the end customer location to your network interconnection point.
  • Coverage across our fibre footprint, including buildings within 8m of our network.


Business Broadband gives you an affordable fibre connectivity solution that enables you to connect your customers in our DFA connected buildings to our core with minimal effort.

Business Broadband Architecture Diagram

Data sheet

Service type Symmetrical bandwidths with contention of up to 1:10
Coverage DFA connected buildings are buildings within 5m of DFA infrastructure
Access technology GPON
Non-recurring charge Access setup
GNNI port setup
Monthly recurring charge Access
GNNI port
Lease/payment terms 1 & 2 years
Equipment Standard customer premises equipment
Interface Single 1Gbit/s RJ-45
Bandwidth options 25Mbps
Service configuration End-point bandwidth per service
1 VLAN per service
GNNI 1Gbit/s with support for 100 VLANs
Q-in-Q support
Service level


8-hour Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)

Monitoring Layer 2 service monitoring


Terms and conditions


  • Business Broadband is only available at our connected and near net (within 8m of our infrastructure) buildings. Additional build can be provided at a nominal rate per meter.
  • Bulk lists of sites can be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • You need a dedicated GNNI for Business Broadband services.

Throughput rate and bursting

  • No bursting above the configured bandwidth on each customer service and the aggregation interface will be allowed.

DFA’s responsibilities

  • We will provide, manage and own the standard customer premises equipment.

Your responsibilities

  • Any cross-connection fees will be for your account.
  • Any third-party costs that the landlord may charge will be for your account.
  • You will be liable for abortive costs if we incur costs as a result of, among other things, your sites not being ready or you are cancelling an order.


  • Aggregating multiplexed traffic from various end customers (Lumic can be used for this purpose).
  • Reselling as a dark-fibre service.
  • Using, in part or in full, for:
    -core-network backhaul
    – mobile backhaul
    – microwave backhaul.
  • Terminating at locations such as:
    – data centres
    – high sites
    – meet-me rooms

Terminations and cancellations

  • The terms and conditions for termination will be stipulated in the commercial agreement.

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