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Magellan DC-to-DC Connect

With the Magellan Metro DC to DC Connect service, you can get high-speed managed connectivity on predefined express routes between major data centres in metros.

Get cost-effective managed connectivity on long-haul routes that will enable you to expand your network and serve more customers quickly and easily.

Data sheet

Connectivity options Active managed connectivity to all major data centres in a metro
Non-recurring charge Connection fee
Monthly recurring charge Monthly lease
Lease/payment terms 1, 3, or 5 years
Fixed monthly lease payment
Optional redundancy At 50% of monthly recurring charge of primary link
Service configuration Port-based
Link-fault passthrough
Interface options 1Gbit/s /
10Gbit/s /
Larger capacities available in selected cases
Throughput-rate options 1Gbit/s–10Gbit/s
Service level 99.5% availability without redundancy
99.9% availability with redundancy
Monitoring Layer 2 service monitoring


Terms and conditions


  • Magellan Metro DC-to-DC Connect provides connectivity to all major data facilities within a metro.
  • All orders will be subject to approval from facility owners.
  • All orders will be subject to technical and site feasibility.

DFA’s responsibilities

  • DFA will hand off the link to you at the meet-me room or carrier meet-me room at the third-party facilities.

Your responsibilities

  • Any third-party costs, including facilities, power, rack space, and cross connects, will be for your account.

Configuration changes

  • You may permanently upgrade your Magellan Metro DC-to-DC Connect service to a higher throughput-rate bracket without a penalty and without affecting the contract term.
  • You may not downgrade a Magellan Metro DC-to-DC Connect service to a lower bandwidth than that of the initial order.
  • A configuration fee for downgrades and other configuration changes will apply, which will depend on whether the downgrade must be implemented during office hours or after hours.


  • A diverse link is subject to feasibility.
  • A diverse link will be configured as an active-standby connection.
  • A connection fee for the diverse link will apply.

Terminations and cancellations

  • The terms and conditions for termination will be stipulated in the commercial agreement.
  • An early termination penalty equal to the contract value of the remainder of the term will apply.
  • DFA will waive the penalty for an early link termination if you order another Magellan Metro DC to DC Connect link at the same or a higher contract value as that of the terminated link’s remaining contract term. The following will apply:
    • The terminated link will be billed until the new link is built and signed off.
    • The new link will have its own full contract term and will be subject to the standard product rules.
    • You will need to pay the remaining pro-rata costs for the build, installation, activation, and testing of the new service.
    • You will need to pay any third-party costs that DFA may incur as a result of the termination and substitution.
    • You will need to pay a connection fee for the new site.
  • You will be liable for abortive costs if DFA incurs costs as a result of, among other things, your sites not being ready or you cancelling an order.

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