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Open access

Because we develop the physical infrastructure, we carry the cost of finance and construction. We then rent fibre pairs to individual operators of telecommunications services. They, in turn, light the fibre with their add-on services and sell the additional capacity on to their customers.

Our clients share access routes, which means that the price of leasing from us is much lower than constructing and maintaining their own infrastructure.

Why use our open access connectivity?

  • We fund roll-outs so that business, ISP, mobile network provider, and municipal clients don’t have to carry the cost or planning burden.
  • We continuously modify and adapt our infrastructure to suit clients’ evolving needs, eliminating the cost of employing network designers or project managers.
  • Because we manage and maintain our network, clients don’t need to employ or train support and maintenance staff.
  • Economies of scale increasingly benefit all clients sharing this costly infrastructure.
  • More service providers and improved communications infrastructure mean more investment and economic growth for South Africa.

Cost efficiency

By using open-access dark fibre, you can save on capital and operational expenditure. Open-access dark fibre can scale with your requirements. You don’t need to build your own optical infrastructure to expand your operations, and you do not have to pay your competitors to use theirs.

DFA’s state-of-the-art infrastructure covers large metropolitan areas, and our long-haul route between Gauteng and the east coast passes many small towns with countless opportunities for you to expand your customer base.

You can be up and running in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of constructing your own network.

Monitoring and maintenance

The test of any network infrastructure is its uptime. And with an average uptime of 99.99%, we are among the industry leaders. You can rest assured that your network traffic is on one of the most reliable optical fibre networks available.

Our reputation is built on state-of-the-art monitoring and maintenance. We maintain our network to the highest standard, and our preventive maintenance teams make sure that potential dangers are identified before they compromise network connectivity.

Access to our infrastructure is controlled by a Gridlock Access Management System. Anyone who wants to access the infrastructure needs authorization from the Network Operations Centre, and the necessary permissions are loaded remotely to an electronic key for a limited time.

If anything does interrupt your connectivity, we will make sure that you’re back up and running within a maximum of four hours. No more.

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