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Calypte Metro

Calypte is a cost-effective solution that gives you rate-monitored connectivity between DFA PoPs or between a DFA PoP and your site.

If you don’t need unlimited speed all the time, Calypte lets you choose a burstable data rate while still giving you the benefit of dark fibre. There is no hard limit on the bandwidth – your traffic can exceed the chosen data rate for short periods – and you can permanently upgrade or downgrade your bandwidth. Together with Tachyon, Peregrine, and Helios, it enables you to design and build your network in the most cost-effective way.


With Calypte, you can connect your core sites to our Tachyon aggregation nodes, giving you predictable performance to and from your core network. You can also connect between two of our Tachyon nodes in cases where you don’t need unlimited dark-fibre capacity. Calypte Metro provides cost-effective connectivity within metro areas, while Calypte Long Haul specifically caters for backhaul and long-haul connectivity.

Data sheet

Connectivity options DFA PoP to DFA PoP
DFA PoP to your chosen point of presence
Non-recurring charge Connection fee
Dependent on zone and selected throughput
Monthly recurring charge Monthly lease
Dependent on zone and selected throughput
Discount criteria Lease term
Lease/payment terms 5 years
Fixed monthly lease payment
Service configuration Port-based
Link-fault passthrough
Redundancy Core route protection
Interface options 1Gbit/s /
10Gbit/s for throughput above 800Mbit/s /
Larger capacities available in selected cases
Throughput options 20Mbit/s–10Gbit/s
Service level 4-hour mean time to repair
Monitoring Layer 2 service monitoring


Terms and conditions


  • One termination point must always be at a DFA PoP.

Your responsibilities

  • Build from existing DFA infrastructure to your premises will be for your account. This includes material, installation, and maintenance costs.

Throughput rate and bursting

  • DFA will monitor your use of the Calypte service transparently, without affecting your throughput rate or intercepting any data.
  • For a selected throughput rate between 20Mbit/s and 800Mbit/s, DFA will allow bursting up to the full 1Gbit/s port speed.
  • For a selected throughput rate between 800Mbit/s and 10Gbit/s, DFA will allow bursting up to double the selected throughput, limited to the 10Gbit/s port speed.
  • When your actual throughput rate on the Calypte Metro service exceeds your selected throughput rate for more than five consecutive minutes more than three times in 30 days, the following will apply:
    • DFA will notify you of the throughput-rate spikes.
    • The relevant higher throughput-rate bracket’s cost will apply for the billing period.
    • Your service will be upgraded automatically to the higher throughput-rate bracket and billed accordingly in future.

Configuration changes

  • You may permanently upgrade your Calypte Metro service to a higher throughput-rate bracket without a penalty and without affecting the contract term.
  • You may downgrade a Calypte Metro service on a 10Gbit/s interface only after 24 months.
  • You may not downgrade a Calypte Metro service to a lower throughput rate than that of the initial order.
  • Downgrades will take effect on the first day of the next month if DFA receives your request by the twentieth day of the current month.
  • You may not downgrade a Calypte Metro service to a lower throughput rate than the peak throughput rate over the previous 30 days.
  • A configuration fee for downgrades and other configuration changes will apply, which will depend on whether the downgrade must be implemented during office hours or after hours.

Terminations and cancellations

  • The terms and conditions for termination will be stipulated in the commercial agreement.
  • An early termination penalty equal to the contract value of the remainder of the term will apply.
  • DFA will waive the penalty for an early link termination if you order another Calypte Metro service at the same or a higher contract value as that of the terminated link’s remaining contract term. The following will apply:
    • The terminated link will be billed until the new link is built and signed off.
    • The new link will have its own full contract term and will be subject to the standard product rules.
    • The new link must be between two DFA PoPs.
  • You will be liable for abortive costs if DFA incurs costs as a result of, among other things, your sites not being ready or you cancelling an order.

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