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An MEF CE 3.0-certified managed service that lets you connect two sites on the DFA network.

Magellan gives you a comprehensive, fully-managed, end-to-end layer 2 service between two sites on the DFA network. We provide, manage, and maintain all equipment.


Magellan is based on MEF CE 3.0 active Ethernet technologies. The service acts as a replacement for circuit-switched services. You can use it to connect any two of your or your customers’ sites, with last mile connectivity that can be optical or through licensed microwave technology.

Data sheet

Service types Point-to-point access Ethernet Private Line (EPL) /
Point-to-point access Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) /
Point-to-point E-Line Ethernet Private Line (E-Line EPL)
Coverage DFA aggregation areas
Sites within predefined proximity to DFA network
Access technology Dedicated Ethernet /
Microwave (PTP and PTMP)
Non-recurring charge Access setup
ENNI port setup
Monthly recurring charge Last-mile access
Access bandwidth
ENNI port
Lease/payment terms 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 years
Equipment Standard customer premises equipment
Interface options

1Gbit/s /

  • Standard: RJ-45
  • Optional: Optical
Redundancy Core network protection
Optional: LAG at ENNI
Bandwidth options


  • 5Mbit/s for 5Mbit/s–100Mbit/s
  • 50Mbit/s for 100Mbit/s–500Mbit/s
  • 100Mbit/s for 500Mbit/s–1Gbit/s
Service configuration End-point bandwidth per service
ENNI options 1Gbit/s /
10Gbit/s /
Q-in-Q support
Jumbo frame support
ENNI-port-bandwidth options 50Mbit–10Gbit/s
Throughput-rate options 1Gbit/s–10Gbit/s
Service level 3 service levels


  • 99% availability
  • Single last-mile connection
  • Single CPE device
  • Single building entry


  • 99.5% availability
  • Dual last-mile connection
  • Single CPE device
  • Single logical service
  • Single or dual building entries depending on feasibility


  • 99.9% availability
  • Dual last-mile connection
  • Dual CPE devices
  • Dual building entries depending on feasibility
  • Two separate DFA nodes
  • Two separate interface hand-offs
Monitoring Layer 2 service monitoring


Terms and conditions


  • DFA does not recommend a bandwidth-contention ratio higher than 10:1.
  • ENNIs are available at DFA points of presence and are subject to feasbility.
  • Feasibility may vary depending on selected throughput rate or region.
  • For multiple services, DFA will allow a maximum of three VLANs. Additional VLANs are available as customer-specific solutions.
  • Limited public-property build included.
  • For best service quality, DFA recommends that a service terminate at an ENNI within the same region. If a service terminates at an ENNI in another region, there may be additional network congestion and latency, which could affect mission-critical applications.
  • You may split the ENNI bandwidth across multiple ENNIs to get a volume benefit across your entire network. You must specify the bandwidth split across ENNIs when you place your order.

DFA’s responsibilities

  • DFA will provide and manage standard customer premises equipment. DFA will own the equipment.
  • For multiple services, DFA will provide customer premises equipment at end-customer premises or multiport customer premises equipment in a shared facility.

Your responsibilities

  • The customer premises equipment carries a warranty of 24 months from date of installation at the customer premises. If you or your end customer damages the customer premises equipment owing to negligence, or if the customer premises equipment is stolen or lost, the replacement cost will be for your account.
  • You must ensure that access sites are ready and accessible for DFA to install the equipment.
  • You will be responsible for cross connects at the ENNI.
  • You will be responsible for ensuring that electricity, earthing, cabinet space, and cooling are ready at the access site by the installation date
  • You will be responsible for landlord approvals for any private-property build.
  • You will be responsible for the insurance of the customer premises equipment once it has been installed at the end customer’s site.
  • You will be liable for abortive costs if DFA incurs costs as a result of, among other things, your sites not being ready or you cancelling an order.


  • DFA will bill in advance for Magellan services.

Configuration changes

  • Access bandwidth upgrades are allowed.
  • Access bandwidth downgrades not allowed.
  • You may upgrade or downgrade the ENNI bandwidth at any time, but you may not downgrade to a bandwidth lower than that of the initial order.
  • You may downgrade a Magellan service only after the end of the initial contract term.
  • A configuration fee for downgrades and other configuration changes will apply, which will depend on whether the downgrade must be implemented during office hours or after hours.
  • A migration fee for ENNI interface change from 1Gbit/s to 10Gbit/s will apply.


  • You may renew a Magellan service for a 1, 2, or 3-year renewal term.
  • DFA will reduce the monthly recurring charge for components of the renewed Magellan service based on the renewal term.
  • No non-recurring charge will apply for renewals.
  • The standard Magellan service rules will apply during the renewal term.
  • DFA does not offer out-of-contract month-to-month billing.

Terminations and cancellations

  • The terms and conditions for termination will be stipulated in the commercial agreement.
  • An early termination penalty equal to the contract value of the remainder of the term will apply.
  • DFA will waive the penalty for an early link termination if you order another Magellan link at the same or a higher contract value as that of the terminated link’s remaining contract term. The following will apply:
    • The terminated link will be billed until the new link is built and signed off.
    • The new link will have its own full contract term and will be subject to the standard product rules.
    • You will need to pay the remaining pro-rata costs for the build, installation, activation, and testing of the new service.
    • You will need to pay any third-party costs that DFA may incur as a result of the termination and substitution.
    • You will need to pay a connection fee for the new site.

Volume order options

Magellan Density

With Magellan Density you can pay a lower monthly recurring charge on additional Magellan services to the same site. The lower charge is based on the volume of additional links that you order.

Terms and conditions

In addition to the standard Magellan service rules, the following will apply:

  • DFA will apply the lower charge to additional Magellan services to the same site and access infrastructure as your first Magellan link.
  • The lower charge does not include diversity. If you need diversity, it will be at the standard full cost.
  • Although you remain responsible for land-lord approval, DFA will attempt to get approval on your behalf.
  • If you terminate the first service within its initial 24-month contract term, the monthly recurring charge of one of the remaining Magellan Density links will change to the standard full cost of the first link.

Microwave access

In cases where a fibre-based last-mile connection is not available yet or is not feasible, it may be possible to get microwave connectivity. We provide this access option for our Magellan services using dedicated, licensed 26GHz microwave spectrum. This means that the connectivity is highly reliable and as close to high-quality fibre as wireless can be.

The microwave access option can serve as a primary or as a backup connection, and it can be permanent or temporary.

Data sheet
Access technology Microwave (PTP and PTMP)
Spectrum 26GHz within 4 km radius
Usage options Primary where DFA has no fibre coverage /
Backup for a primary fibre-based service /
Temporary where fibre deployment is pending
Interface options



  • RJ-45 for cable distance shorter than 80 m
  • Optical for cable distance longer than 80 m
Bandwidth options

5Mbit/s–100Mbit/s in 5Mbit/s increments:

  • Up to 100Mbit/s for sites 0–4 km from transmitter
  • Up to 10Mbit/s for sites 4–6 km from transmitter

1900 bytes MTU

Link symmetry Symmetrical
Latency < 10 ms
Packet loss < 1%
Jitter < 5 ms
Duplex FDD
Service level 99% availability
8-hour mean time to repair
Higher service levels available
Terms and conditions

In addition to the standard Magellan service rules, the following will apply:

  • Magellan is a technology-agnostic service, and the choice of last-mile connectivity is at DFA’s discretion. DFA may migrate a last-mile connection from microwave to fibre at any time.
  • Microwave access is subject to feasibility, including line-of-sight availability.
  • Bandwidth is subject to the available capacity and modulation scheme.
  • The deployment of a microwave link is subject to equipment availability.
  • DFA can install the link within 30 days of the purchase order date, subject to landlord approvals and feasibility.
  • All links will be terminated at the closest Magellan ENNI.
  • DFA owns all equipment. You are responsible for insurance and for ensuring the safety of the equipment, and all loss or damages that are due to negligence will be for your account.
  • Owing to the nature of microwave connectivity, DFA cannot guarantee link speed and quality resulting from:
    • weather conditions, such as heavy rain or thunderstorms
    • force majeure
    • delayed repairs owing to occupational health-and-safety risks.
  • If a service is affected and cannot be restored owing to occupational health-and-safety risks and compliance with legislation, the downtime will not be taken into account for performance and uptime statistics.
  • Installation of outdoor equipment is subject to line-of-sight feasibility and landlord approval.
  • Where a microwave link serves as a temporary solution, the following applies:
    • DFA will endeavour to install fibre infrastructure as soon as possible. However, where the service is affected by a third-party network or service provider, which might lead to a delay in provisioning your service, or where the service is interrupted or diminished for reasons beyond DFA’s control, you agree that DFA will not be liable for the delays, interruptions, or diminished service and that you have the option to keep the microwave link for the remainder of the Magellan contract term.
    • The billing will be the same as for the fibre service.
    • The period during which the last-mile connectivity was using microwave technology will be counted against the full contract term of the fibre service.
    • There will be no additional charges for migrating from microwave to fibre when it becomes available.

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