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Safe, secure collocation and aggregation facilities for your equipment, so you can deliver services to your customers right to the last mile. It acts as an aggregation point for your access network.

Tachyon nodes are at strategic locations in our network, covering all major metros and small towns where we have network footprint. This means you can build your own core network by positioning your equipment close to your customers’ sites and efficiently backhauling traffic between the last-mile and your core network.


Tachyon lets you host your network equipment wherever your customers are. It is a cost-effective way to aggregate traffic in a geographical area.

Data sheet

Connectivity options Host client network equipment /
Aggregate traffic in geographical area /
Aggregate traffic from backhaul to core
Monthly recurring charge Based on collocation space, electricity, cross-connects, etc.
Lease/payment terms 5 years
Rack space options ⅓ (11U usable space) /
½ (18U usable space) /
Full rack (39U usable space)
Cabinet space 43U (600 × 600 split)
Fibre Single-mode G.657.A1 connectorized (LC/PC) tail in equipment rack
Electricity supply AC
Service level 4-hour backup batteries
Monitoring Remote silent monitoring


Terms and conditions


  • Tachyon facilities and rack space are subject to availability.
  • Certain Tachyon facilities offer ¼ rack space subject to feasilibility.
  • Only DFA fibre can be terminated at a Tachyon facility. This includes fibre from the Tachyon facility to your premises and backhaul fibre from the Tachyon facility to your core.
  • The links can be patched through inside the facility to provide a link between two of your access sites in the same aggregation area. A cross-connection fee will apply.
  • You can order multiple services that terminate in the Tachyon facility.
  • You may establish your own cross connects between your equipment within your allocated space, e.g. within your allocated ⅓ or ¼.
  • You may not establish your own cross connects to third parties or other racks in the Tachyon facility, whether between your own equipment or between your equipment and another DFA client’s equipment in the same collocation facility.

DFA’s responsibilities

  • If you have multiple racks in the same Tachyon facility, DFA will provide fibre patching between your equipment.
  • If the Tachyon node is in the basement of a building and you install your own reticulation to your end customer in the building, DFA will provide a cross connect from the Tachyon facility to the nearest common meet-me room. A per cross-connection fee will apply.

Your responsibilities

  • If you have multiple racks in the same Tachyon facility, DFA will provide fibre patching between your equipment.
  • You will be liable for abortive costs if DFA incurs costs as a result of, among other things, you cancelling an order.


  • Additional rates will apply for excess rack-space use and power consumption.
  • DFA may apply an annual inflation-based increase to the monthly recurring charge.
  • The electricity component of the Tachyon facility lease cost is subject NERSA-approved electricity-cost reviews.


  • You may not sublease Tachyon facilities or rack space.

Terminations and cancellations

  • The lease term and conditions for termination will be stipulated in the commercial agreement.
  • An early termination penalty equal to the contract value of the remainder of the term will apply.

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